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Today, Amoami collaborates regularly with a group of over 50+ Ukrainian women living in Spain, France, Switzerland and even Ukraine.

We are working to seed new crocheting communities in Germany, Poland, Romania, and Czech Republic.

What is Amoami?

AMOAMI is an association whose aim is to support Ukrainian refugees by doing crochet and creating amigurumi.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to provide a social form of therapy for the community of Ukrainian women based in different countries across Europe, serving as financial support for them and as a fundraiser for their communities.

Why crochet?

Crocheting is a relaxing activity that brings the crocheters together through craft while connecting them in the fight for freedom and peace. Our Amoami bears are a symbol of joy for babies, toddlers, and adults alike.

How did it begin?

It all began with an exclusive design and a minimalist and iconic crochet pattern designed by Rita Ruiz, inspired by Ukrainian Vyshyvankas and their rich embroideries.

We did this pattern in Spanish, English and Ukrainian, and then created a YouTube channel to train new crocheters. Its early success within our local community inspired us to scale the project to reach an international audience.

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